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But it is another when you have to see it at your job every day.

Now I know she is there, I feel I need to make a presence of some kind.

The issue does not lie with my boyfriend or our relationship, but with his ex-girlfriend. I knew him a year before we started dating, but he was in a relationship with said ex-girlfriend.

When I showed interest in him, a mutual friend and coworker of ours told me he was unhappy. I was warned his ex-girlfriend is crazy, and in the beginning of our relationship she fully lived up to that expectation.

I am a woman in my later 20’s who has been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years now.

He is my best friend, I couldn’t be happier with him!

I do work at a decent sized company where a lot of people around my age work, I will give her that. Ever since she approached me I feel as though I need to make a presence of some kind. and now because she has invaded it, I feel so anxious.

It was one thing to know she exists and was part of his past, you can put something like that away.

dating ex spouses friend-4

dating ex spouses friend-4

While she very well could have been doing a respectful thing, it made me feel she was trying to make a statement of some kind.He also showed interest in me, but he was in a dead-end relationship he didn’t know how to get out of. It was a pretty frequent stream of calls and texts, even showing up outside his apartment to get some reaction out of him.My boyfriend told me she did have some underlying issues, depression and Behavioral Personality Disorder, and the best thing he could do was just to ignore it. I was getting lunch in the cafe with my friends at work, and I thought I noticed a familiar face. Within minutes she approached me, asked if I was so and so, and told me she had dated my boyfriend.Seriously, it doesn’t matter what the provocation is — it will hurt you at work to do what you’re talking about.It’s entirely possible that the reason she’s working there has nothing to do with you (you note that it’s a big company where lots of people your age work; it would be different if it were a 10-person company).

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