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The Dunlop FFM3 encapsulates the legendary tone of Jimi Hendrix.

I didn't experience any of the "motorboat" sound some complain of either.Finally I have an LED in this thing and it looks great. Changed resistor R5 (8K2) to a 10K Lin pot, and with this, i can set the correct bias.To see the schematic for the Positive Ground FUZZ LED indicator, visit: This mod is Important, if you don't have the exact GE Transistors. You can get a similar sound with high gain distortions like the BMP.Another perfect replication of a classic, compliments of Franciso. I built it using ac188 transistors (and I added a switch for the second transistor so I could use both Si ad Ge).First I tried the negative ground version (so I could use a common power supply with other pedals) but got the motorboating sound with fuzz pot over 50%. Your PCBs are excellent and made this an easy build.

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