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Because of its peppermint content, your scalp will feel cool and soothing.With consistent daily application of at least two times a day (morning and nighttime) for four to six weeks, you can look forward to the benefits and notice great results.Results were not visible from the first two weeks of application.That’s why it pays to be patient — use the products religiously to maximize the effects.I secretly hoped I had a thyroid problem, a hormone imbalance, some kind of vitamin deficiency, even lupus. He diagnosed me with genetic hair loss and prescribed a daily regimen of several medications, including Propecia, a hair loss drug that is only FDA-approved for men.That doctor gave me hope, but that hope has long since faded.My long, thick red hair - the thing I liked most about my looks - began to fall out 5 years ago, when I was 37.I’d perpetually pick hair off my arms, my back, my car seat, my bathroom counter. Running the vacuum meant enduring the smell of burning hair.

He started to feel insecure for having bald spots at age 40.Overall, Novuhair provides optimum nutrition to combat hair loss and hair thinning.Call me outdated but I was really not familiar with the brand before and was just surprised that my mom is aware about the wonders of Novuhair.After the “Novuhair treatment,” he was amazed as his hair appeared and felt significantly thicker and fuller now.His hair became soft but not without the conditioner.

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