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Specifically, refusing to refer to a transgender person by the pronoun "he" or "she"—or other terms we're about to get into—can be considered harassment.Elizabeth Nolan Brown wrote in December how New York City was ordering employers to make certain transgender employees are accommodated by the use of whatever pronoun they prefer upon the threat of fines for even isolated incidents. Don't use sexist language when talking to people, don't post pictures of swimsuit models in your cubicle, don't smack people on the ass, don't tell a subordinate he or she has to put out in order to get a raise, et cetera, et cetera.But as we move further into the realm of using federal and state laws to punish harassment against transgender people in the work environment, we are seeing government officials attempting to enforce demands that employers and workers say certain things.And to be clear, the pronoun choice doesn't have to consist of the typical "he" or "she," meaning that a transgender employee can demand to be called "ze" or other non-standard pronouns that could be confusing to even the most accommodating of employers and co-workers.So now anti-harassment enforcement may involve policing and The consequences are now playing out at the Gresham-Barlow School District in Gresham, Oregon.The district has agreed to a ,000 settlement over the way a transgender teacher, Leo Soell, has been treated.

, have often left behind their families in rural areas and moved to the cities were there is greater tolerance.The Buddhist belief in karma and reincarnation does make the society as a whole more tolerant of differences and very gay friendly.Sadly though the key phrase is “tolerance“ not “acceptance“.Despite their high profile in the entertainment industry, kathoeys, are generally among the lowest paid workers.The same type of tolerance is afforded to gay men, creating an appearance of openness and wide acceptance.

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