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It was most likely the Manhattan Band Instrument Co.

They registered a different "Winner" logo in 1926, so I would guess Winner was their brand name and that the logo just changed over the years.

I would estimate that your ukulele was made between the late 1920s and the mid 1930s. The metal restrictions during the war forced Martin to use wooden pegs on many of their ukuleles, including some concert ukuleles.

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The Wendell Hall Professional model was actually Ludwig's most basic model - it sold for in the 1920s. I've just purchased this great uke and can't find information on it anywhere, I have found Aria and Ariana but not Arion......

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On this page, we will display some of the questions and answers. at the bottom of the label stand for Barth, Lutchen, and Feinberg, a major musical instrument distributor based out of New York city in the 1920s.

Yours is a little rough, but the condition doesn't look all that bad. It came in a case similar to a violin case and is in good condition. I don't know much about your ukulele except for the fact that it appears to be of German origin. "Ges Gesch" is an abbreviation for "gesetzlich geschtzt".

Gesetzlich translates from German to English as "legally".

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