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These pastoral poems exemplify the processes of imitation, adaptation, and assimilation by which Renaissance writers brought foreign models into the native tradition.

The numerous poems, in Latin and Polish, of (1554; “Commentary on Reforming the Republic in Five Books”), he evolved a bold social and political system based on the principle of equality before God and the law.

By the end of the Renaissance period, Polish literature had become a national literature, reflecting the country’s position as a great power with far-flung boundaries, the evolution of the nobility as a ruling class, and the nation’s economic prosperity.

Poland’s influence spread east, above all to Moscow, while to the west its culture was represented by men of such high repute as the scientist and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (Mikołaj Kopernik).

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This group includes Jan Dantyszek (Mikołaj Rej of Nagłowice was notable for combining medieval religious interests with Renaissance humanism.

Another notable political writer was (1551–54; “Dialogues of a Courtier with a Monk”), a strong defense of Catholic dogma.

Many historical and political writings and translations of the Bible were also published during this period, with Jakub Wujek’s Polish translation of the Bible as an outstanding literary work.

Although the themes are those of a common European heritage, medieval Polish writings are often intensely personal even when they are anonymous.

The groundwork was laid for Polish literature’s elevation to the ranks of major literature during the reign of Casimir the Great, who founded the University of Kraków in 1364.

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