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Well, we knew it would happen eventually: our best efforts to never post about Eric Schaeffer again have been thwarted. We've started getting emails from women who've not only "winked" at Eric on eric contacted me on nerve maybe a year ago.

had one conversation and realized we belong to the same gym. the cardio date would not be complete without a invitation to fuck him in the 2nd floor bathroom (i declined), followed by a few emails suggesting that if i wasn't interested in him romantically, we should still get together to have sex.

This week we are pairing a horror movie showing at the Logan Theatre with drinks at The Owl.

Main attraction: The Logan Theatre Spooky season is approaching and we are living for it.

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Tinder: an online dating roulette of your local singles (who, unfortunately, sometimes turn out to be psychos).

When planning an adventure—whether it’s a day out with friends or a cozy evening with a more-than-friend—it’s easy to focus on the main event.

You make a dinner reservation or buy tickets to a movie. Save yourself the Yelp search and consider these two-for-one ideas that extend the...

If not, you can look forward to even more uncomfortable eye contact when you encounter this guy again (because you definitely will). The Guy Who’s Just Asking to Get Blocked This guy seems cute enough—until he asks if you have Snapchat. And now he’s saying things to you that would make a sex columnist blush… Let’s just say The Guy Who’s Just Asking to Get Blocked didn’t create an account in the hope of forging meaningful connections with local singles. But this guy is just not your type–and no amount of ignoring, avoiding, evading, or rejecting seems to make him understand that.

The minute this guy starts requesting explicit pics, you’ll know it’s time to bid him adieu—unless, of course, exchanging dirty talk with relative strangers via an online dating forum is your cup of tea. The Guy Who Can’t Take a Hint He’s nice enough, you guess. One way or another, The Guy Who Can’t Take a Hint is going to find you, and he’s going to try his darndest to get you. Unfortunately, collegiettes, there’s no way to identify this one.

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