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In mid-November, she skipped dinner, went to her dorm and gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom.She cleaned up, wrapped the baby in a blanket, stashed him under her bed and returned to study hall.Tatum was so unhappy with the verbal abuse she had suffered by a group of girls, and the headmistress, Kate Windsor, did nothing to stop the harassment.Tatum claimed the emotional distress caused her to cheat on a test for which she got suspended and then expelled.As student activities coordinator for the student government, Tatum had suggested the school participate in a multi-school prom.A secret society of girls calling themselves the Oprichniki, named after a 16th century Russian torture squad, began calling her 'retarded'.

The positive side is that it teaches girls to be prepared'.

It wasn't the first time Miss Porter's was caught up in scandal.

In 1976, one seemingly overweight girl from the Midwest, came to Miss Porter's three months pregnant, with the school none the wiser.

From Exeter's point of view, it would have been more convenient if he had killed himself', writes the story's author Jesse Kornbluth.

The following morning Bateman was fired and ordered out of his apartment within two weeks and barred from school property.

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