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Did a previously unknown civilization exist, possessing ancient technology long since forgotten?

What do the symbols really mean, who carved them, and why?

Archeologist and researcher Gabriele Baraldi stumbled upon his first Inga cave in the year 1988 - after which several more were found.

In total, Baraldi has examined up to 497 symbols across all the cave's walls.

Standing amidst the waters of the Inga River in Brazil, the mysterious Inga Stone of Paraíba, Brazil is an archeological treasure of much ongoing controversy.

Covering most of its 150-foot length and 13-foot height are strange, unidentified geometric symbols, varied in size and shape, which are apparently carved into its Gneiss exterior.

But, looks like doodling by Muvian youngsters when the rock was soft. Some natural and logical interpretations could be: Concentric Rings = The Celestial Pole area and orbiting stars. Cupmark Holes in lines = The Milky Way Band or a part of it.

Spirals = Galactic Swirls The many figures also could represent star constellations and even the contours of the Milky Way and the entire imagery is most likely a part of the local Story of Creation.

So that would push it back in time to pre-10,000 BCE, when Tiawanaco and Puma Punku were inundated by a tsunami from the Caribbean. Some affinities with Easter Island / Indus Valley script. It is fairly easy to carve lines in the bedrock and knock and grind round holes, all though it will take some time.Other researchers felt the symbols were related to ancient runes, and still more asserted their similarity in complexity and linear arrangement to a possible short piece of religious scripture.Another researcher, Austrian-born Ludwig Schwennhagen, studied Brazilian history in the early twentieth century and found strong connections in appearance from the Inga symbols to not only the Phoenicians but also the demotic writings (linked more closely to business or literary document-style writings) of the ancient Egyptians.Dating back in origin at least 6,000 years, the stone is a worldwide wonder.There are other stones, as well as caves, around the Inga stone which also have carvings on them, however they are not of the same intricate level of craftsmanship or style as the Inga.

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