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There was also concern with Detroit's strong influence over Michigan politics, being the state's largest city as well as the capital city.

Unable to publicly reach a consensus because of constant political wrangling, the Michigan House of Representatives privately chose the Township of Lansing out of frustration.

Vital island; headquarters in Escanaba; Grand Island National Recreation Area Houghton: Official city site; municipal information, visitor information, city Web sites; Houghton is on the Portage canal in the northern part of the UP on the Keweenaw Peninsula; notable for its historic role in the 19th century copper mining boom and as home to Michigan Technological University Iron Visit: Chamber, Tourism, and Economic Development information; Iron County is in the western UP and is notable in its role in iron mining and logging; includes Iron River, Caspian, and Crystal Falls Iron Mtn: Tourism Association of Dickinson County; travel information; Iron Mountain is the county seat of Dickinson County and is notable for its role as a recreation and tourism area as well as a site for International Paper at Quinnesec and other industries Isle Royale NP: Isle Royale National Park; island wilderness archipelago in Lake Superior; 72 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide at its widest point; 2,100 square kilometers of land and water; access by boat or float plane only; wolves, moose, pre-Columbian copper mine; International Biosphere Reserve designation in 1980; part of Keweenaw County Keweenaw CC: Keweenaw Peninsula Chamber of Commerce; tourism and community information; the Keweenaw Peninsula juts out the northern shore of the UP into Lake Superior and is notable for its role in 19th century copper mining; encompasses Keweenaw and Houghton counties; notable for a distinct cultural identity as "the Copper Country" encompassing a Scandinavian heritage, mining history, present role in education (Finlandia University and Michigan Technological University), and its geographic situation as a relatively isolated peninsula on a peninsula centered on its dual-city populated area consisting of the contiguous (connected by a lift bridge) cities Houghton and Hancock Keweenaw Visit: Keweenaw Convention and Visitor Bureau; official website of the Keweenaw CVB; tourism information source to plan your next visit to the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula; mainland Michigan's northernmost point, the UP's "Superior Coast" Kingsford: Official city site; Kingsford is in Dickinson County, next to Iron Mountain; Kingsford is notable for Henry Ford's choice of the area for sawmills and manufacturing facilities for wooden components of Ford automobiles in the early 20th century; waste wood generated by the sawmills for products included charcoal briquettes, which, after Ford left in 1951, became known as Kingsford charcoal briquettes, a well-known brand, which are now made elsewhere Kinross: Official township site; Kinross Charter Township and Kincheloe Community; township, business, and visitor information; Kinross is in the eastern UP, 32 kilometers south of Sault Ste.

Marie; Kincheloe is a former US Air Force base, now an airport Lake Gogebic Area: Lake Gogebic Chamber of Commerce; Lake Gogebic is in the western UP and is the largest inland lake (54 square kilometers) in the UP; it is notable for its fishing and the fact that it straddles two time zones and two counties Lake Huron: Great Lakes Information Network entry for Lake Huron; the UP's Lake Huron shoreline is in the eastern end of the UP; Lake Huron is the second largest Great Lake in surface area (about 60,000 square kilometers) and is important as a shipping connection to Lakes Michigan via the Straits of Mackinac and Lake Superior via the Soo Locks Lake Michigan: Great Lakes Information Network entry for Lake Michigan; Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake located entirely within the United States and has a surface area of 57,800 square kilometers; Lake Michigan is important for shipping access to the Mississippi River and the midwest United States Lake Superior: Great Lakes Information Network entry for Lake Superior; Lake Superior is the largest Great Lake in surface area, with 82,000 square kilometers; in the winter, it can freeze over and its shipping season is thus shortened LS & I RR: unofficial web site, Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad; page presents information of historic and informal interest; the LS&I railroad is now owned by Cleveland Cliffs Mining; the LS&I railroad brings iron ore from the mines to ports Mackinac Bridge: Suspension bridge connecting Michigan's Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula; Mackinac Bridge Authority official site; the "Mighty Mac" connects Mackinaw City in the Lower Peninsula to St.

Ignace, Michigan and from Mackinaw City courtesy of Freeway Inc.; from the Mackinac Bridge Authority Seney: Seny National Wildlife Refuge; Mid West hazecam, part of a network of cams to provide the public with information about visibility throughout the upper Midwest; NOTE: this cam is sometimes not updated--sporadic operation Find out about things to do and places to see in the Upper Peninsula Yoopers take part in many clubs and organizations; activities include interest groups, clubs, hobbies, community centers, organizations, and groups Arts Bonifas: William Bonifas Fine Arts Center; gallery exhibits, art workshops, classes, and theatrical productions; Alice Uren Powers Gallery; Studio gallery; Kastota Gallery; regional and local artists; online digital art gallery showcasing Upper Peninsula artists; Escanaba Chess: Lake Superior Chess Association; a United States Chess Federation affiliate; part of the Michigan Chess Association; members spread throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; main headquarters in Negaunee Huron Mtn Wildlife: Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation; encourages and supports scientific study of the living things, lands, and waters of the Lake Superior region; research center is located in the Huron Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; the Huron Mountains are near Big Bay, about 50 kilometers northwest of Marquette; some land in this area is private, belonging to the Huron Mountain Club, a private club that was the retreat of Henry Ford and other industrialists in the 20th century -USA Directories-: Search organization directories; there are hundreds of thousands of organizations, associations, societies, and nonprofits in the US covering many interests; some of these are based in the Upper Peninsula; these directories help you locate an organization Sites: Places such as individual cities, towns, categories of places (e.g., camping), interesting places; see also the listings for Venues, Museums, Dining, and Housing; see Activities for cultural centers Bays de Noc: Bays de Noc Convention and Visitors Bureau; the Bays de Noc consist of Little Bay de Noc and Big Bay de Noc, including the Stonington and Garden Peninsulas, on Lake Michigan in Delta County; activities include fishing, recreation, tourism; the Little Bay de Noc is home to a major port for iron ore shipping at Escanaba Chassell: General Information; Chassell is on Portage Lake, near the Portage Entry, the eastern entrance of the water passage through the Keweenaw Peninsula through which ships take as a shortcut across Lake Superior Chip In Casino: Chip-In's Island Resort and Casino; Harris, Michigan, 20 km west of Escanaba Michigan on US 2/41; gambling, entertainment, dining, indoor swimming with heated sand beach; owned and operated by the Hannahville Indian Community Tribe of Potawatomi Indians Copper Harbor: Copper Harbor Improvement Association; lodging, campgrounds, restaurants, groceries, gift shops, tours/charters, maps, history; Copper Harbor is at the northernmost tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, near Fort Wilkins State Park, is historically noted as the center of the 1843 boom in copper mining Crystal Falls: General information; Crystal Falls is in Iron County; noted for its role in iron mining and logging; noted also as the home of what is thought to be the largest and oldest living organism on earth--the "humongous fungus" (Johann N.

Bruhn, Curtis Area: Curtis Chamber of Commerce; Curtis is in the eastern UP on Manistique Lakes (which is not near Manistique); offers activities from smelt dipping to ice fishing in a waterfront village setting Delta Co Visit: Delta County Area Chamber of Commerce; boasts more fresh water shoreline than any other county in the nation; county encompasses more populous western side of Little Bay de Noc including the cities of Escanaba and Gladstone, Stonington and Garden Peninsulas, and Big Bay de Noc; guide to places to stay, eat, shop, golf, fish, camp, and worship; notable Walleye fishing in Little Bay de Noc and shipping port at Escanaba De Tour Village: De Tour Area Chamber of Commerce; De Tour Village is at the easternmost tip of the UP on the De Tour passage waterway west of Drummond Island; notable for its water-oriented tourism as it lies at the conjunction of the St Mary's River and Lake Huron Dickinson Co Visit: Dickinson Area Partnership; visitor and commerce information for Dickinson County in the central UP including the cities of Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Norway; notable snow skiing Escanaba: Official city site; municipal services, city information; Escanaba is on Lake Michigan in the central UP and is a notable port, services, business, light industry center, and seat of Delta County; historically, it is notable for its continued role in lumbering, wood and paper, agricultural products, and sport fishing; on the Little Bay de Noc; the bays moderate the climate and snowfall amounts, so it is sometimes dubbed "the banana belt of the UP" Fayette: Deserted 1880's company town; on the Garden Peninsula in Delta County; Fayette is a historic townsite in Fayette Historic State Park; iron-smelting operations developed here in the late 19th century; visitor center and walking tour Gladstone: Official city site; information on municipal administration, operations, parks, recreation, industrial park; Gladstone is in the central UP and on the Little Bay de Noc on Lake Michigan; notable for its role as a "year round playground," and its boat harbor at Van Cleve Park Gwinn-KI Sawyer: Chamber of Commerce; Gwinn is notable for its development as a planned community--a model town--created by the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Mining Company for its miners; Sawyer (now re-renamed K. Sawyer to distinguish itself from downstate Michigan village of Sawyer), is a former US Air Force Base closed in 1985; the site now houses the county airport KSAW Hancock: Official city site; municipal information, tourism; Hancock is on the north side of the Portage ship canal, connected by the Portage Canal Life Bridge to the city of Houghton to the south; Hancock is notable for its strong Finnish heritage, its founding during the copper mining boom of the 19th century and its Quincy Mine; its hilly streets overlooking the Portage are the steepest streets I've ever bicycled on Hannahville: Hannahville Indian Community Tribe of Potawatomi Indians; in the central UP west of Escanaba; the tribe is notable as the operators of the Chip-In Island Resort and Casino in Harris and as the largest employer in Menominee County and the 2nd largest employer in Delta County Hiawatha NF: Hiawatha National Forest; information from National Forest Service; the Hiawatha National Forest is over 3,500 square kilometers of forest in a central and eastern unit; the forest includes lands that touch the shores of three of the Great Lakes and includes Grand Island, Round Island, Government Island, and St.

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Paul, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, Madison WI, New York State's Capital District, and a reference page for the whole United States Formats: You can view and link to this information in a variety of ways; find the level of detail that is right for you; pages are available for each section; you can link to and use the page that fits your needs UP index: Outline of sections; shows the section names with a link on the section name to a file showing the entries and annotations for that section; put your cursor over the section name to see a popup describing it; this format is useful to quickly select and load only the section that you'd like to see; this is a good format to show someone new to this information so as not to overwhelm them with too many links on a page UP blue: Table; shows all entries with short labels in a table format; put your cursor over labels or section headings to see a popup description; links on section names take you to a file showing the entries and annotations for that section UP mini: Compressed table; shows all entries and section names with short labels and no linebreaks; no inline graphic boxes (weather, gas stickers); put your cursor over labels or section names to see a popup description; links on section names take you to a file showing all the entries and annotations for that section; useful if you are familiar with the information and want all the links in a smaller amount of space UP all: Everything in one big file; shows all entries and all annotations in one HTML file; useful if you want to see everything at once or search for a text string in this information; to search, use your Web browser's Find feature; in Microsoft Internet Explorer, do this by selecting from the titlebar menu "Edit," then "Find on this page"; or you can just hit Control/F keys; links on section names go to a file showing entries and annotations for that section Satellite: Goestationary infrared image; satellite image for Eastern United States sector, infrared image; provided by National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept of Commerce Mac Bridge: Mackinac Bridge; views of the bridge from the Mackinac Bridge Authority's Live Cam at St.

16 men bought plots in the nonexistent city, and upon reaching the area later that year found they had been scammed.

); this site includes information for all of the county Menominee: Official city site; municipal information; Menominee is the southernmost city of the UP, right at the UP's southern tip where it meets Wisconsin; Menominee is notable as the seat of Menominee County and its marina Menominee Chamber: River Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce; Menominee and its neighboring city of Marinette, Wisconsin constitute a UP center for tourism, shopping, and industry, notably ship building Munising Visit: Munising Visitors Bureau; Munising is in the northern UP on Lake Superior and is seat of Alger County; Munising is noted as a destination for snowmobilers as well as a departure point for visits to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Norway: Official city site; municipal information; Norway is east of Iron Mountain in Dickinson County; Norway is historically notable for its Norway Mine and as a station on the Chicago & Northwestern railroad Ontonagon Chamber: Ontonagon Chamber of Commerce; travel and community information; Ontonagon County is in the western UP on Lake Superior; notable for its Porcupine Mountains State Park and winter snowmobiling and skiing Pictured Rocks NL: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore; sandstone cliffs along the shore of Lake Superior in the north central UP; 295 square kilometers; headquarters Munising; National Park Service; cruise available Porcupine Mtns: Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park; Porcupine Mountains Chamber; in the western UP; 242 square kilometers of old-growth timber, rugged terrain on Lake Superior; scenic Lake of the Clouds St Ignace: St. Marie; locks raise and lower ships to compensate for the different levels of surface water in the lakes; significant link in the Saint Lawrence Seaway system; US locks (Poe, Mac Arthur, Davis, Sabin) and Canadian locks Soo Tribe: Sault Ste.

Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians; community information; the Soo Tribe has its roots in the Anishinabeg people who lived near the St.

The settlement of fewer than 20 people would remain dormant until the winter of 1847 when the state constitution required the capital be moved from Detroit to a more central and safer location in the state's interior; many were concerned about Detroit's proximity to British-controlled Canada, which had captured Detroit in the War of 1812.

The United States had recaptured the city in 1813, but these events led to the dire need to have the center of government relocate from hostile British territory.

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