Dating someone with gentile warts

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The doctor confirmed today that it was a wart and they burned it off, along with another extremely small wart that he could barely see.

Along with being more than slightly worried that I could possibly get warts in my throat or mouth (my doctor and his say it is unlikely), my boyfriend is incredibly depressed. My doctor said there is no blood test she can give me, is this true? She said we will have to wait until Aunt Flo has left and then she will give me a pap smear to test for HPV.

I also can't remember how long we waited until his last cold sore went away to continue oral sex. And you are right, all we hear is how important it is to use condoms with intercourse, but never for oral sex.

Also, most of the condoms on the market are NOT the kind you would EVER want in your mouth.

She said I will also need to be tested in a few months if it shows negative.

She also said that since my bf and I have been having sex for almost a year, it is very likely we BOTH have HPV and there is no way of telling who gave it to who. I really hate to admit that I have never even given genital warts, even herpes a second thought.

If you do break up, some people are ok with dating someone with hpv, and there are also std specific dating websites.

We have used condoms since day one, except for oral sex (honestly, who gives oral sex to their monogamous partner with a condom on? He, nor I would have never known about his HPV status.

When he came back positive for HSV 1 (cold sores), they called him. You would think they would give him a warning to be careful when performing oral sex on someone, but no...

I do not feel let down by my bf, but by the lack of education on this matter from everyone from sex education in schools to our government. I did get tested for Herpes, but I am still waiting on the results.

When we first starting dating, we both got tested and since HPV cannot be tested in men, we thought we were both good.

When my bf went to Planned Parenthood, he paid 0 for every test they had.

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