Dating thai transsexuals

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That’s a challenge not so easy to complete for many Pattaya newbies.

Ladyboys love plastic surgery, so many don’t just have unusually big silicone breasts but have also undergone other cosmetic surgery procedures like nose or bum jobs to make their faces and physique appear more feminine.

The final step is simply too expensive – and presumably painful – for most .

Tip: If you want to check whether a ladyboy’s boobs are “real” or the bra has just been stuffed with textiles, don’t be shy and ask if you can touch them.

“Chicks with dicks” are probably the least shy ladyboys species; proud of their perfectly-shaped silicone breasts, they’re usually happy to let you fondle their boobies, or even show you their newly acquired assets, before making your choice.

Most ladyboys will be honest and also let you know whether they still have a penis or not.

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