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My wife and I own a 150-acre inholding in the Santa Fe National Forest.

For those not familiar with the term, an inholding is a parcel of private land, completely surrounded by the national forest.

Our support ended after several very large acquisitions in which the Conservancy allowed continued cattle grazing on the acquired lands, a policy that is completely antithetical to our beliefs ...

Unless well-managed, cattle can be very damaging to riparian areas.

I’ve written to TNC to ask for their side of the cattle-grazing issue.

In the meantime, you can see their shopping list of properties potentially available for preservation purchases here.

Instead, the bulk of our land-conservation practice employs conservation easements.

California: We have an excellent land trust based just to the north of us in Trinidad, California, which is a little over 300 miles north of San Francisco.Our largest easement is held in partnership with the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy on over 11,00 acres on the Carvins Cove Natural Reserve, but we also protect small parcels of green space in urban areas, partnering with counties and cities on public-access projects.We also partner with landowners like Matt Heldreth, a third-generation dairy farmer whose story we put on a short video as part of our 50th-anniversary commemoration last year.These exist for a variety of reasons, the most common probably being that the land was privately owned before the surrounding lands were declared national forest.In our case, the land was homesteaded on then-federal lands which subsequently were declared national forest.

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