Dating website for the chronically ill

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Telomeres are very special caps at the ends of each chromosome that protect against deterioration. A beautiful study came out recently showing that if your genes urge your telomeres to be better maintained, your chances of getting Alzheimer's disease will be somewhat low. We've studied moms of children who were chronically ill and postmenopausal women who were taking care of a family member. How has your work changed your thinking about aging? I used to think that aging was an inevitable march toward getting these debilitating diseases, but it doesn't have to happen.

It's not 100 percent protection, but it's an underlying factor. Exercise, do really interesting activities, don't have long-term chronic stress. In both groups, the worse the stress was — and the longer they felt it — the more their telomeres wore down. A big study categorized people: Do you do vigorous exercise? One idea of aging was that you might like to take it easier and easier, but what I've found personally is that what I really needed was purpose, which is actually why I took this job at the Salk Institute.

What's the big unanswered question that's driving you now?

People come up to me and say, "Stress is having terrible effects on my telomeres." They're using the word personally.

Must be able to pass a background check and drug test.

Must possess a valid driver’s license and be insurable.

Sometimes when we are waiting on someone to start a job or just have a vacancy that needs to be filled for a short period of time we need someone to fill in the basic parts of the job.

The Kaw Members who depend on the services of the Kaw Nation sometimes have to wait for the permanent new hires and we want our tribal members to start the process as soon as possible. Pay rates, days and hours will vary based on the duties of the position.

Advocacy experience with adults and/or children highly desirable.

Must be familiar with funding research, identification of potential funding opportunities, federal grant program organization, funding portals, and reporting methods.

Must have experience with Microsoft Office including Excel and Word.

EEO & Drug Free work place employer Indian Preference considered with verification of Indian Heritage Minimum of Associates degree in social sciences or a related field preferred.

Candidate must have experience in advocacy with adults and knowledge of family violence issues, experience navigating the legal field and public speaking skills.

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