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I worked summers throughout high school and college, and I had plenty of fun — probably too much, in fact.

High school and college students who want to have fun are going to have it, job or no job, believe me.

But “they’re only young once so let them have fun”?

Medical research usually evokes images of white lab coats, microscopes and sterile rooms, but the next big breakthrough in healthcare may come from algorithms that analyze vast amounts of highly complex and heterogeneous biomedical and clinical data.

From speech recognition to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from science fiction to a significant part of our lives in less than a decade.

In the world of big finance, investors look for monetary return on investment, but for Siebel Scholar Liesbet Peeters (MIT Sloan '05), the payoff comes in the form of social impact in developing countries.

Wearable technology has increasingly found its way into consumers’ lives, with the fitness tracker Fit Bit and smart watches like the Apple Watch leading the market.

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