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Location Just Announced: The Sportsman’s Lodge, Los Angeles PRISMATICS: MAKING THE HOLLYWOOD GAME TRANSPARENT A seminar and -- mixer, co-taught with veteran producer Jennie Lew Tugend, (Free Willy, Lethal Weapon) this is a first in a series of seminars dedicated to demystifying the B. To sign up and more info, CLICK HERE How Your Unique Voice and POV Can Help You Create a Successful Career June 18th – Los Angeles (#1522) Devo Cutler-Rubenstein you read it you know what it is – great writing. Despite vast divides in style and genre, all writers who are successful have developed their own point of view, a world readers can dive into feeling like your book is their new best friend. You’ll get valuable tips, meet new friends and new potential production partners, and learn some survival tools -- especially how to get your script to the top of the pile and circumvent gatekeepers!!I suggest Aretha Sills, Spolin Theatre Games Workshops in Los Angeles, or their weeklong intensive workshops in Wisconsin.

This happened to me today, I got a called and they told me a won 00 just because I paid all my bills and everything and that I should go to well Fargo ro a Walmart and bring a bag so they would give me the money and also to bring 0 so they can give it to me I got a phone call from a foreign speaking guy that told me to get an i tune card for 0 to send to him and I would get 00 plus an additional 0 to total 00 grant money from the US government.While there we witnessed a new urban housing idea in progress, to provide more affordable housing for university students. Pictured above is Mill Junction, Johannesburg: before in 2013 and now completed in 2015. , Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein AGENT BROKERING / STORY CONSULTING / SCRIPT EVALUATION Whether you need a writing coach or access to agents, I am dedicated to helping writers, directors & actors feel empowered in the marketplace.It is constructed out of two former grain silos topped with four floors of colorful shipping containers. Send me your links to fabulous ecological finds for a free fifteen minute consult!! "Devorah is one of those rare people that wisely guides and nurtures you down the paths you wish to take." Linda Seger, Author, "Making A Good Script Great," "Subtext... I played along, but did not give them my real birth date.I was told that I would get a check deposited into my account in the amount of 8500.00 if I just gave them my account number, Well I told the foreign speaking person on the phone that if they mailed it to me that I would deposit it myself.

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