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8.) Kathy Love’s Bourbon Street Trilogy (a little danger, but mostly just romance).

It’s the whole “love at first site in a bar” thing, but that’s actually what hooked me. It’s about a trio of girlfriends on vacation in New Orleans.

These “vampires” are only allowed to turn one mate. That someone may take decades, and even centuries to show up. Shifters, or vamps, they all work together to protect Roman Draganesti’s empire, a genius vampire who has come up with all sorts of ways to keep vamps happy without having to feed directly from humans (which makes them a little too primal Ha! Anyway, more of my favorite moments (in the closet “vampires” that fall for unsuspecting humans – always ALWAYS fun! A world where a large society of “good” vampires exist, and half human/half vampires are trained to protect and guard them. Lots of action but even better, some very thought provoking romantic angst.

Luckily, they don’t have to guess or hope they made the right choice, since they “know” who that mate is when they meet them. Non-stop enemy attacks from “true/turned” vampires who want to take over, and one of the most intriguing aspects of the series – an illicit romance that both blooms and spirals onto risky terrain. And how does she handle her heart (and body) that seems to want it all.

Oh and as you already know, since I keep reminding you, “Z” (Zsadist) is my favorite vampire of all time (and the angriest of them all, too). 4.) Lynsay Sands Argeneau Vampires Extremely romantic, and funny – loved almost every one of them. 5.) Kerrelyn Sparks’s Love at Stake Series Pure candy!

Vampires that are turned via advanced technology from the time of Atlantis (some nano-thingie that constantly heals them, but requires “extra” blood to work properly). Living in our world, blending with humans, and my favorite part? Easy reads that always have a moment or two of danger but mostly just funny and super romantic.

Paul Wilson Midnight Mass (2004) Chelsea Quinn Yarbro – Hotel Transylvania (1978) – The Palace (1978) – Blood Games (1979) – Path of the Eclipse (1981) – Tempting Fate (1981) – The Saint-Germain Chronicles (omnibus) (1983) – Out of the House of Life (1990) – Darker Jewels (1993) – Better in the Dark (1993) – Mansions of Darkness (1996) – Writ in Blood (1997) – Blood Roses (1998) – Communion Blood (1999) – Come Twilight (2000) – A Feast in Exile (2001) – Night Blooming (2002) – Midnight Harvest (2003) – Dark of the Sun (2004) – States of Grace (2005) – Roman Dusk (2006) – Borne in Blood (2007) – The Saint-Germain Memoirs (2008) – A Dangerous Climate (2008) – Burning Shadows (2009) – An Embarrassment of Riches (2011) – Comedia Della Morte (2012) – Night Pilgrims (2013) – Sustenance (2014)– – A Flame in Byzantium (1987) – Crusader’s Torch (1988) – A Candle for D’Artagnan (1989) The library owns numerous novels and graphic novels in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, based on the 1992 film and 1997-2003 TV series.

You can find a complete list of Buffy novels in the TV Tie-Ins booklist on Book Guide.

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Spruill – Sacrament (2002) – The Only One (anthology, contains the story “The Sacrilege” by Susan Squires) (2003) – The Companion (2005) – The Hunger (2005) – The Burning (2006) – Love at First Bite (anthology, contains the story “The Gift” by Susan Squires) (2006) – One With the Shadows (2007) – One With the Night (2007) – One With the Darkness (2008) Brian Stableford The Empire of Fear (1991) John Steakley Vampire$ (1990) R. Stine – Dark Lover (2005) – Lover Eternal (2006) – Lover Awakened (2006) – Lover Revealed (2007) – Lover Unbound (2007) – Lover Enshrined (2008) – Lover Avenged (2009) – Lover Mine (2010) – Lover Unleashed (2011) – Lover Reborn (2012) – Lover At Last (2013) – The King (2014) – The Shadows (2015) – The Beast (2016) Margaret Weis (Dragonlance fantasy with vampire characters) – Amber and Ashes (2004) – Amber and Iron (2006) – Amber and Blood (2008) Scott Westerfield Peeps (2005) The Last Days (2008) Tad Williams Child of an Ancient City (1992) David Niall Wilson This Is My Blood (1999) F.Warrior vampires that protect the human race from an evil group of “turned-soulless” humans that are just plain gross. Read his book and you’ll see But first, read all the others, and I promise. Greek gods and goddesses (and then some other gods on top of that), shifters, demons and humans and again, swoon-time! Secret government agencies, cover-ups, vampire wars (and you might as well add ghosts and zombies to the mix) and you get non-stop action, and heartbreaking moments and plenty of funny (although more like snarky-funny).Each one has a personal struggle, and getting past their emotional barriers is hard work, but oh so worth it! I lived in this world for a few weeks, and loved every moment of it. 5.) Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series Cat (half human/half vampire and EXTREMELY rare) hates vampires. Until she meets Bones, and he teaches her a few things about what a vampire really is. Bones is just plain hot, and the jealous reactions from both main characters make for some seriously steamy scenes.These appear here for the sake of providing complete series listings, or to identify classic vampire fiction titles which are long out-of-print.All books owned by Lincoln City Libraries are hotlinked to their entries in our library catalog, so that you may check on their current availability.

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