Double your dating advance series

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When Zero was first created for Mega Man X, he was intended to be the game's hero, but this marked the first game where he cast of the tyrannical yoke of X to become his own hero.

Unlike previous Mega Man games, the world in MMZ is presented as one big world to explore, like Castlevania: Simon's Quest.

It's a bit on the short side, taking only 12 hours to beat, but sometimes a focused experience is the best experience.Advance Wars 2 was less of a sequel and more of an expansion pack grafted onto the original game.Like its predecessor, Advance Wars is an excellent strategy game if you're just getting into the genre, but there's still complexity to be found for veteran players.Sacred Stones improves on the previous Fire Emblem for GBA with a world map, making things a bit more freeform than before.Plus, I had more fun with Ephraim, Eirika, and the rest than I did with the cast of 2003's Fire Emblem.

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