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The automatic payment discount may not change your monthly payment amount depending on the type of loan you receive, but may reduce the number of payments or reduce the amount of your final payment.

Learn more about how to take advantage of both student loan discounts. The lifetime limit for this loan combined with all other education-related debt is 0,000.

It can be tempting to combine debts once you get married for the sake of combining debts, but everything you do should be done for the sake of your future.

Most students borrow federal student loans (like Stafford loans and Grad PLUS loans).

Some couples choose different methods; for instance, some married couples choose to consolidate their student loans under one name. One thing to note is that if you or your spouse has loans through the Federal Direct Loan program, you can’t consolidate your student loans with your spouse’s loans.

If you want to merge federal loans, you will have to turn to other lenders for private student loan refinancing and consolidation.

The cosigner doesn’t have to be a relative; he or she can be anyone who meets the requirements — ideally someone with an established credit history and steady income. We will evaluate credit, employment, and income factors to determine the student borrower's ability to take full responsibility for repaying the loan.

Calculate how to potentially pay less interest on your student loan: Student Loan Interest Calculator Calculate the monthly payments on your private student loans: Student Loan Repayment Calculator If you’re a borrower with little or no credit history, or you have limited income, a cosigner may help you to qualify for this loan and potentially receive a lower interest rate.

However, a cosigner is not required in order to apply.

Students borrow these federal student loans from one of two major federal student loan programs: the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program or the Federal Direct loan program.

Federal student loans from the FFEL program are issued by private banks and lending institutions like Sallie Mae, but are still federal student loans.

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