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These guitar had the same style of pickup made famous by Charlie Christian on the arch top guitars he played with the Benny Goodman band. Gibson EH-150 Lap Steel Guitar c 1939 Separate treble pole piece style "Charlie Christian" pickup. Because of a patent dispute, production was halted until after the war, when the early Electraharp design was replaced by a much less sophisticated and desirable design. K&F #641 The later K&F steels had a wider curved body and a chrome fretboard with Roman numberals. Shown here with K&F # 641, this early transitional Fender is essentially a K&F steel with a Fender nameplate. 1946 Fender Organ Button Lap Steel Guitar With similar body shape as K&F. Serial number 1017 1946 Fender Princeton Lap Steel Guitar The Princeton had a longer body, joining the neck at the 12th fret.

Gibson E-150 Lap Steel Guitar c 1935 Early version Gibson lap steel with aluminum body and "Charlie Christian" pickup. Gibson's Electric Spanish is recognized as being the first production conventional guitar with an electric pickup. With volume and tone controls, and red button for organ effect.

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Serial number DGE 3056 In 1945, "Doc" Kauffman, who had invented the "Vib-Rola" used by Rickenbacher, and Leo Fender, who had been a salesman for Rickenbacher, formed a partnership to manufacture and market lap steel guitars of their own simple and inexpensive design from Leo Fender's home in Fullerton, California. The hawker got a fee and the organization no doubt got a cut of the teacher’s pay.A second crew would circle by to pick up the kids and transport them to the AHT for lessons.Rickenbacher Electro Model B Lap Steel Pre-war bakelite steel with two "arrow" knobs on opposing sides, the volume knob larger than the tone knob, and chrome plates. Leo Fender's "Fender Radio Service" repair shop, founded in 1938, repaired many amplifiers manufactured by Rickenbacher, while his partner, "Doc" Kauffman was employed by Rickenbacher when he invented the "Vib-Rola" vibrato, so Leo was certainly familiar with Rickenbacher's instruments.The bolt-on neck, strings that go through the body, and even the curve of the headstock as it approaches the nut, are all features Fender borrowed from Rickenbacher: Rickenbacher also made a round neck version the the model B which is arguably the first solid body electric guitar made for standard "Spanish" style playing.

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