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In short, yes she’s down for fooling around with girls as well as guys.But she’s not into licking pussy or any of that type of thing.She’s dated a number of guys of different ethnicities and she just doesn’t have much of a thing for any particular type of person. It’s not often that you find a girl so open to be willing to try and date any “type of guy” out there.Kudos to her for opening up her heart, mind and pussy.If you’ve got a giant cock then getting inside her tiny pussy or asshole is going to take some warming up.Size isn’t all that important to Mickey, so long as you know how to use what you have!

Did I forget to mention that her sexy body is perfectly decorated with body jewelry of various types?If you think you have what it takes to treat this sexy girl right, then I strongly suggest you give it a shot.Send her your picture, take her into private and ask her if she’ll date you.To give you some more insight, she’s dated black guys, white guys, Filipino guys and her first boyfriend was even Mexican. She hasn’t ever slept with a Chinese guy but she did fuck a Filipino guy once. In summary, I guess you could say that she’s into guys with darker skin but she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to dick.All my anal fans out there, you may or may not like what I have to say here.

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