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Like commercial farming operations on land, the density of fish in these pens necessitates certain chemicals to keep animals from getting sick and to keep things clean.The chemicals used in marine aquaculture operations such as medicines like antibiotics and vaccines, disinfectants, and substances used to prevent corrosion of equipment (cages, etc.) can also change the composition of the surrounding aquatic ecosystem.

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Per week, Americans eat about 3.5 ounces of seafood, which is still only half of what the USDA recommends.The amount of pollution from fish farms also depends on how the fish are contained.Open-net, or pen systems, allow for a direct exchange of water, where as “closed contentment” methods have a barrier which filters the water.Fish farming is a way to create a much larger amount of fish much more quickly, cheaply and efficiently than with wild caught fish.Unfortunately, when something seems to good to be true, it very often is!

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