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When I saw it, I decided not to post it, in case feelings were still raw.It honestly didn't occur to me that married mothers would get upset with Single and childless readers for venting when I told them they could go ahead and vent.No Miracles Here has a strong cast who double as musicians, an ill-formed metaphor for depression, a selection of dynamic, exciting musical numbers, a bunch of undeveloped female characters, a… Ridiculous over-acting, the flimsiest and crudest of plots and the high-flown language of Shakespeare debased for a series of crass jokes battle against a serious intention and a lively late-night audience. It's tempting to see Real Magic as a metaphor for Forced Entertainment's later career: a minimum of content, relentlessly repeated, carried by the magnetic performances but offering diminishing returns with each iteration. In Seagulls, Volcano have perhaps made theatre for an audience that doesn't like theatre.Recasting a derelict church as a suggestive set for a mash-up of physical theatre, spectacle and Chekhov's classic script, they abandon the pieties of scripted…

Rob Mulholland has quite a beef with the Edinburgh Fringe.

Glen Neath and David Rosenberg's previous collaboration, Ring, used darkness and surround sound to explore sinister group dynamics.

This time, they switch off the lights, put the audience in a shipping container and try to scare them. As a singer-songwriter, Sam Shaber was inspired by Duran Duran, and many of the moving episodes in this monologue with songs are related to the greatest hits of the original boy-band.

Ubu Roi first opened in 1896 in Paris and caused a scandal.

A surreal reimagining of Macbeth, Ma Ubu convinces her husband Pa Ubu to take the throne of Poland by force.

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