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Taking part in a catwalk show always leaves me elated with the pounding music, the cheers of adoration, the vibrancy and upbeat of the show etc it’s always so exciting.

A matching skirted suspender belt skimming over shapely hips and bra encasing my full breasts.“I think so miss” I lifted up Loretta’s skirt exposing a pair of non-regulation red panties with love hearts on them as well as sheer black lace top stockings.“These are NOT regulation navy or black knickers Loretta, and wearing black stockings tut tut, you should be wearing long black school socks” “I thought now I’m a big girl miss I can wear stockings” “Oh no you can’t young lady, you break school rules and you pay the price, you are going to be spanked” I grabbed Loretta and pulled her across my knees with head down low and bottom up high I spanked her over her non regulation panties and then to Loretta’s humiliation I pulled them down and spanked her bare bottom!Designers sent me free samples all the time so it wasn’t unusual to come back to a pile of offerings after a show.“Hello Dennis, I’m surprised to see you in here” he hadn’t heard me enter the room as he was so engrossed in what seemed lovingly and longingly touching the garments.

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