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It also preserved the , that allowed you to discover the pronunciation and meaning of various characters that you encounter reproducing them with the mouse.

In order to use it, just click on the “brush” icon on the search bar. Pera Pera is a pop-up dictionary and study tool available as free add-on for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

To use the audio or video recognition functions, you’ll have to get the “Pro” version of the app.

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If you have an i Phone, this would be your best option.

You can easily create a free account to check the entire archive, which doesn’t only contain podcasts in mp3 format but also mobile apps, HSK tests and other study tools. On Chinese Podcasts you’ll find a long list of podcasts released by Chinese native speakers.Pleco is another excellent dictionary for smartphones.While Hanping works only on Android, Pleco works both on Android devices and i OS.Hanping is one of the best Chinese/English dictionaries for Android devices.The free version, called “Lite”, includes the Chinese/English dictionary and the option to “send” characters to Skritter, e Stroke (to learn the order of strokes that make up the character) or Google Translator.

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