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"Damn him," she cried, "just because of all my 'sexing' and my 'special friends,' why did you have to go and walk out on me? Really strange, a man and a woman, apparently not related, but both named Benford." —THE END— you wanted to read, I’ll say the same thing." She got cold and pale, as she suddenly realized that, back then, while she was lying on the floor, having a dry-eyed fit, he'd had a bag packed and ready for his exit. I also observe that the people expressing the worst, nasty, most virulent comments have—with few exceptions—either posted as anonymous or have never published a story under their screen names. I do wonder what your stories on this topic would be like.April 28, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: I'm Tam Benford. Married to Dolores Benford, who had recently become a temper fit-throwing shrew, as emotional cover-up for an increasing number of gang-bang fantasies being acted out at my expense. About 10 AM, my brunette wife of some 41 years old, 7 of it married to me, appeared through the front door.She staggered a little, into the house's living room, smelling strongly of booze, sweat and spilled semen.She had only one thigh-high net stocking, but as she staggered inside, I could see she was still wearing her CFM (Come-Fuck-Me) pumps with the 4" heels.No bra that I could see, and, I assumed, no panties either. " I replied, with more than a little bitterness, "Again?May 5, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: Dolores was finally paying bills, writing checks and swearing at her absent husband. I'm gonna cut him off until he apologizes and starts treating me right again." The phone ringing startled her, and, on answering, she was shocked to hear one of her woman friends yell at her about divorce, disease and even lawsuits.

" She felt a temper beginning to build up, but fought it down.

She drove to the closest gas station and got 2 gallons, having to pay cash because the gas card was temporarily full. PLEASE find me and come back, to sleep with me and stay." June 10, 2016: At an intersection of two state highways, near the town of Mart, Texas: Two highway patrol cruisers sat, parked, as the officers had a final look around the scene.

It took all day for her to cut the grass, leaving her tired, sweaty and exhausted. The crushed metal and burned bits had been removed and the roadway cleared.

Her hair was frizzled, with sticky, partially dried cum appearing in several places on her head and more on her well-displayed tits, one of which was half-out and the other, fully exposed: both were covered with love-sucks and her nipples on display were large, dark and distended, appearing well sucked, too.

Her sheath dress was on backwards, the tag showing in the front instead of hidden in the back.

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