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She was married to Nick Townsend (Rob Estes) and later divorced him due to his abusive nature.

In a flashback scene during the Season 8 opener, it is revealed that she had first met Horatio Caine in 1997 during her stint with the FBI.

Natalia is a DNA analyst initially assigned only to work on unsolved or cold cases, though this is, until the end of season four, a cover for her.

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She was handcuffed by Jake at the beginning of the episode. Valera ignored Natalia's warnings about Nick being dangerous, so Natalia went there to watch over her.Ryan, on the other hand is furious that she was almost killed and urges her to see a doctor.Later, Walter gives her the card of a good doctor and after expressing her fear of being "stuck behind a desk" for the rest of her career she agrees to go see the doctor.At the end of the episode, Horatio manages to locate and rescue Anya, and the sisters are happily reunited.Eva La Rue's sister Nika was offered the role of Anya, Natalia's sister, but she declined. In fact, the episode was based on the real-life convicted serial killer William Richard Bradford; Nika La Rue was one of the women photographed by Bradford for his collection. 3 (out of 54 women) on the poster, created by the LAPD.

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