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" It felt as if his head snapped back into position. Also on the rumpled duvet were other things that suggested that at some point a series of fairly violent movements had taken place. A long white Goose feather, lying not far from her left foot. The bedclothes were ruffled, suggesting that the occupant had been as restless as the straps would allow. Nearly fifty years old and yet as fresh and exquisitely silly as the day it was written, it had subsequently been played so many times since that he had begun to fear for his sanity. He came out of his reverie and moved his head slowly in her direction. " She put her ear to the side of the big wooden box that was the size and shape of a tea chest and listened intently. When she reopened them and looked at him her face was a mask of concern. "Okay." He said and strode purposefully out of the room. The room was quiet again but the sound of breathing seemed to fill the void left by him. " "It's all right, I definitely don't intend to do myself any MORE damage today! Fascinated, he plugged the saw in and crept quietly behind her. It began with a whirring noise, like a small but powerful electric motor and then the seemingly impenetrable lid began to move sideways. " He stood immobile, the lid still sliding forward and the saw buzzing powerlessly away in his hand. It was obvious now that the nails in the lid and the lid itself were no more than dummies because, as it finally slid as far as it would go to the right, it revealed a second lid that was really two halves of good quality sanded and bevelled wood. She paused for a second or two and then she kissed it again and began to trace upwards with her extended tongue, kissing then licking, licking then kissing, until she reached her large soft breasts, where she broke and planted a kiss, first on one nipple and then on the other and then she continued to kiss and lick until she reached her victim's unprotected throat and she kissed some more. " She looked at him for any sign that this was some sort of joke but there was none. " She said derisively, but she took a step away from Bandy and the box as she said it, "If someone wanted to…" At that moment a sharp humming noise became audible and as it grew louder Bandy's whole demeanour seemed to change.

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Studying the creature from every angle while he watched for signs of movement, or anything which might mean danger, but the creature seemed thankfully inert at the moment. "Come here." He said quietly, noticing that Bandy's head seemed to have stopped deflating, "It's all right I haven't killed her! Bandy still stood in front of them seemingly unruffled by the deflation of her head. " It was one of those remarks that didn't necessarily sound sarcastic, but which required him to turn round and study Sheila's face just to make sure.

" He looked at her quizzically for a moment and then it dawned on him. All the times she had been blindfolded and her ears plugged. And all the time she was whistling something, fairly tunelessly, through her teeth. " He slapped them into her hand as if giving them to a surgeon. Trying to pry it open with the screwdriver had proved a disaster and had left him with a cut hand and her with a torn top. She can't stay in there forever and we're just making things worse! I always hear YOU.." He winced at the still quite painful memory of the time he had mummified her, at her own request and, with great care and attention, proceeded to blindfold her, gag her, plug her ears and place tubes in her nostrils to restrict her breathing only to have her hear every word he had said to her whilst apparently oblivious to everything. "Mmm, but that's different, you've never been looked in a box with no obvious way of getting out." She looked at him sharply. Something vaguely wistful that suggested that it would, somehow, be a good idea, but before she could say anything he had moved back to the couch, hefted up the circular saw and placed it on the nearest corner of the box that had become their nemesis. You can't protect me all your bloody life, now let go! It was cold and slimy, the way you would expect a snake to feel and it was still moving back and then finally it dawned on him. The bedroom door swung open flooding the room with light. " Very slowly he took her hands by the wrist and lowered them until they were at her sides. Much grimmer than she could ever recall seeing before. " To call her reply snotty would have been an understatement. " She realised what he was doing as he was talking. Sheila, who, he was convinced, was somehow related to the mule family, was not prepared to play ball.

He personally thought that "great big Rottweiller" would have been a more adequate description but as he watched her now he couldn't put the image of a small Jack Russell worrying at a bone out of his mind. The top was smooth and it was nailed in place, the nails fitting into bevels like screws and impervious to pliers. " He reached out and touched it as well and his spine juddered. When some senses are taken away others tend to be heightened and although the noise at the bedroom door would have gone unnoticed by most people, the woman on the bed heard it clearly and strained, just a little, at the chains that held her in place.

" I know what it says and I know what it is, but why is it here and what exactly is in it? A hand stroking the soft sensitive recesses of her inner thigh. She noticed that her tongue was pierced, that she was freckled, that she had a small blue stud just to the right of her upper lip and multiple ear piercings. Her suspender belt was short and skimpy and semi transparent as where her panties which were little more than a thong.

" Slowly and carefully as if to a child who wasn't really listening, then suddenly suspicious, " Have you been ordering things again? Her shiny jet-black hair was short and tousled and had a vivid white streak at the front. I'll have to cut her out." Sheila looked hard at him, but for once her mouth remained shut although she did bite her lower lip. That she did not trim or shave her pubic hair was obvious from where the doctor was standing.

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