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" This attachment allows modulation or arrest of the larynx. I could feel a little give in my legs but no strength at all.

Allowing control over both pitch and volume of the subjects voice to the upper limit of hearing and to complete mute." I was confused and I did not say anything. Genie continued, "Test one, Friday the 12 of June 2010 7.55pm, Total limb relaxation at 60 volts." Genie tapped her i-phone and I fell instantly into the harness dangling from the winch line like a fish. Genie took a g-clamp from the workbench and clamped it on my ear hard.

"Put these on." She handed me a cock ring and attached butt plug.

I put the cock ring on, she shot some electro-gel into my ass as lube and slipped in the plug.

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Trying to sound smart I asked -- "Is this some sort of motion capture suit? [well I guess I could try it to check data flow and set up a model or whatever we were doing] so I nodded. ...discomfort from the electrical current." I took them in my hand and asked, "What do you mean?

"Female med student seeks male for sex robot project." This is my honest recollection of how I got to this position: When I'm bored I do Internet searches based on whatever fantasy elements are running around in my head at the time.

Last week I saw this ad in the free Sydney online classifieds.

"It can both unstoppably flex, rigify or relax the limbs, modify speech, induce pain or unconsciousness and produce or block erections and ejaculation." Genie lowered a winch with a large carabina and hooked it to the back of my harness. Once again I froze unable to control my body, like in a dream when you want to move but you just don't.

It took a few seconds for what she said to sink in and I started to say, "I don't want-" "Stop. Genie took a collar from the back of the harness and clicked it around my neck. " Commanded Genie, I couldn't but I was trying to push my legs down to take the weight off the harness that was cutting into my thighs.

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