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In every reported encounter with the entity known as Zozo, there is a single common thread: darkness.To communicate with Zozo via a Ouija board is said to invite an unrelenting demonic force into your life.(For example, the excellent Water Works program has been canceled, permanently it appears.

We are committed to working together to serve the people of Utah ... Jordan Klepper Solves Guns - Series | - Jordan Klepper is an enlightened, progressive, sartorially aware comedian who's determined to fix America's gun violence epidemic. Employment — Frankfort Plant Board - page for Frankfort Plant Board (FPB).

Later, when Ouija boards entered popular culture in the 20th Century, stories of Zozo began to rise, with numerous tales told of the Ouija spirit, the one who devours souls and changes lives. The film was shot entirely on Super 8, but unfortunately its reception, according to Wikipedia, was “overwhelmingly negative.” Movies aside, while reading about Zozo I couldn’t help but think of a final possibility: Could Zozo be a tulpa, a shared experience?

Like the Philip Experiment on a much grander scale, or the countless stories (and real life delusions) shared about the Slender Man, Zozo could be our own creation.

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