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Plenty of people on below-average incomes have stellar scores, while many seriously wealthy individuals would struggle to get a cell phone account without first paying a deposit. It may take you a while to get current with all your accounts, and then build a record of prompt payments, but, once you have, your score can change dramatically and relatively quickly.Vantage Score says that its systems can see the impact of even a default fade away to nothing over 18 months or so -- providing you maintain a perfect record during that period on all your accounts.How would you like to try Windows Azure and SQL Azure for FREE?We have a Free Windows Azure platform 30 day pass (in US only) for you. In addition, sign up for Microsoft Platform Ready to get access to technical, application certification testing and marketing support.According to Vantage Score, one of the companies that devise scoring systems, each such inquiry could decrease your score by 10 or 20 points.However, the damage done by comparison shopping is much less.The single biggest determinant of your credit score (accounting for 35 percent of it, according to FICO) is your record for making payments.

Each country has its own i Tunes Store, so does Japan.

You need a Japanese credit card or an i Tunes Japan Gift Card if you want to purchase paid contents.

If you just want to download some free apps or games, you don’t need either of those.

That seven-year rule applies to virtually all entries, including -- in spite of another myth -- those concerning accounts you've closed.

A credit score is a three-digit number that presents a snapshot of your overall creditworthiness on a particular day.

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