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1902-1903: Mazatlan was hit by the bubonic plague and no one knew it was a plague.It wasn’t until a local doctor Martiniano Carvajal, quarantined those infected and then burned the houses of plague victims that the disease was conquered.In 1865 with the US Civil War over, the American troops helped the Mexicans banish the French.1871: The last invasion of Mazatlan and Mexico was from England.The wealth attracted many immigrants [and pirates and jail too! 1810: Mexico gained independence as a country, on September 16.1817: Mazatlan becomes the main export route for gold and silver from mining cities nearby.Its construction started in 1837 and finished in 1842. Around this period, the Germans landed bringing their Bavarian music, which is where Mazatlan got its banda bands from, and of course, the German staple, beer.Mazatlan had no beer and the Germans taught them all about brewing and they began producing the delicious Pacifico beer.

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Much has changed since that 1922 National Geographic article on Mazatlan.

1531: The official founding of Mazatlan but the city’s current location wasn’t inhabited until the late 18th century.

The area was full of swamps and lacked drinking water.

I’ve plotted my own walking tours in every major city in Europe because the route must always meet my specific criteria; interesting history, clean restrooms, coffee stops, exceptional local shopping and the tour should end with an adult beverage combined with an awesome view.

I’ve followed my same European rules for Centro Historico.

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