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Despite a vague taboo against applying makeup in the workplace bathroom, I make a beeline and start rubbing the stuff all over my face.My coworker Colleen enters mid-rub and I excitedly explain what I’m doing. Is this how new moms feel when strangers coo over their babies?

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Plus, shared experiences will give you things to talk about and memories to cherish.

If you live on opposite sides of the world, show your partner the sunset from your phone.

Skype, some construction paper, and maybe some wine means shared project time!

You get to close your eyes and wrap yourself in your partner's voice while they read awesome or romantic stuff to you. You're out with your people and your partner's out with his or her people, but there's a world of distance between the two clubs.

Call the bar and use your credit card to order a round of drinks, then Face Time or Skype a quick kiss and toast together.

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