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Abingdon is 6 miles (10 km) south of Oxford, 15 miles (24 km) south-east of Witney and 19 miles (31 km) north of Newbury in the flat valley of the Thames on its west (right) bank, where the small river Ock flows in from the Vale of White Horse.

It is on the A415 between Witney and Dorchester, adjacent to the A34 trunk road, linking it with the M4 and M40 motorways.

Schoolfriends remember her as keen on public speaking, swimming and martial arts.

While working at GMTV, Miss Logan found herself at the centre of a row over sexism on the front line after ITV correspondent Julian Manyon wrote in a magazine article about ‘the considerable physical charms of my travelling companion, the delectable Lara Logan, who exploits her God-given advantages with a skill that Mata Hari might envy'.

The B4017 and A4183 also link the town, both being part of the old A34 and often heavily congested.

Local bus services to Oxford and the surrounding areas are run by Stagecoach Oxfordshire, Thames Travel, the Oxford Bus Company and smaller independent companies. The small, primarily stopping-service, railway stations at Culham and Radley are both just over 2 miles (3.2 km) away.

Speaking via satellite link from St Petersburg, the A-lister explained how he gained Russian citizenship with the help of Putin, 64. “I think one thing that’s sort of not known is that there are millions and millions of people who have dual and multi citizenship.

There is no suggestion any of the men pictured were involved in the attack In Washington, administration spokesman Jay Carney denounced the attack and said: 'We believe that those responsible for these acts - and obviously there was other violence - need to be held accountable.'British newspaper The Guardian today said some activists in Egypt had suggested the assault on Miss Logan had been the work of pro-Mubarak gangs, 'whose use of sexual harassment as an intimidation tactic was extensively documented, as was their targeting of foreign reporters'.'It's incredibly sad that this has happened, and it's something that the spirit of Tahrir and the spirit of revolution was resolutely against,' Ahdaf Soueif, an author who spent a great deal of time in Tahrir Square, told the newspaper. With our expert knowledge and dedicated team, we will source the perfect speaker for any event – facilitators, hosts, personalities, keynote, motivational, and of course, after dinner speakers. - recognised as one of the UK's leading speaker agencies.Mob: CNN's Anderson Cooper was filmed by his crew as they were attacked by pro-Mubarak supporters in Egypt. Last night he sent Miss Logan his best wishes via Twitter Prior to Mubarak stepping down, the Egyptian military had been rounding up members of the press for their own safety after several were stabbed, punched, kicked, marched back to their hotel by gunpoint or hijacked in their cars.Her former news editor, Liz Clarke, said Logan had lobbied for a job at the paper since the age of 12 and had finally been rewarded with one on turning 17.

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