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“Last night I felt the baby,” she says, running her hand over her pregnant belly.

“I felt him move for the first time.” The unborn child’s future godfather wraps an arm around his sister. But when the cameras have shut off, when the spotlights are cold and motionless, Helio seems to create a light of his own.

After two hours at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway offices being led from video shoot to photo shoot to audio recording session, creating promotional materials for the 500 and the rest of the upcoming 2008 season, Helio is still cracking wise. Wait—don’t tell her I said that.” “No smiles, Helio!

And in the grind of tedious media work, standing in the floodlights of a photo studio dressed in his red Penske fire suit, all he asks for is his helmet. ” The back-and-forth continues for a few minutes, the photographer trying to get Helio to straighten up, Helio playing the clown through a series of poses with his helmet as a prop. “Hey,” again posing prima donna, “don’t talk to me.” When the shoot wraps, the lights go down, but Helio is still on.

Someone close to the couple said they would like to start a family together.

Hough has also been on tour with her brother, Derek Hough.

Especially blinding is the light breaking upon the Mirror Ball Trophy, his spoils as champion of , the wildly popular TV show that, starting last October, thrust the 32-year-old Brazilian into the national spotlight.

“”Honestly, since I’ve been a judge, like, I’m so out of that world,” the newlywed, 29, told Extra’s Mario Lopez on Tuesday, October 3.

“It’s like we’re on a whole other side of the stage and we kind of hear what happens as well.

We’re just like everybody else.” Indeed, the Safe Haven actress already has a new film lined up. I’m 29 and I feel like I’m sort of coming into my own,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

It’s 10 a.m., and Helio seems rested after a late night testing his racecar beneath the lights at Miami-Homestead Speedway, 30 minutes south of here.

He struts back into the shady nook of the kitchen, where he takes breakfast standing up—orange juice and a corn muffin halved on a paper napkin.

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