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The use of acrylic paint ( Esupcom (Higher School of Communication) organized in Lille an exhibition entitled "The hidden side of the nude" which brought together several artists from 16 to , as part of its 'TAF' ('Very Artistic Festival').The "hidden side of the nude" has several possible interpretations, but it was mainly referring to non-standard ways to explore the theme of the nude, and to "expose" even more the nude, to make it more expressive and advanced than the "ordinary nude"...They encourage the girls to then share explicit pictures, and when they do they try to extort them of money," Barker told send explicit images.

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Bodypainting photography solves the specific disadvantage of body painting : its ephemeral nature.

The number of teenage girls being exploited by fake model scouts has increased drastically in the last few years because of social media, according to leading model agencies.

Scammers are using Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to extract explicit photos from vulnerable young people, which are later used against them to extort money.

It keeps in memory a specifically painterly work that would otherwise fall into oblivion once produced.

And it supports everything that falls within the exercise of representation of the body, through its specifically photographic work.

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