High school basketball coach dating student

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(Sorry, Germany.) The Canadian system (at least the Anglophone one) is basically similar to the US, the Irish system broadly similar to the British one (though it starts a year later than the British do), and the (South) Korean one similar to Japan (sorry, Canada, Ireland, and Korea.) This entry is primarily about the American one.

In the US, high school is usually the last four years of compulsory education (grades 9-12), although in some districts it's the last three (grades 10-12).

It should be noted that the big gothic-looking schools of film were designed for maximum heat in winter.

In the Mediterranean climate where this is less of an issue, open air schools were built to keep classrooms cool, but once air conditioning became universal in schools in the 2000s, the trend went back towards one large building.

(Detailed below) It's often heavily exaggerated, too, for Rule of Funny and Rule of Drama.

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Hillariously obscure or inappropriate figures (such as George Wallace or Dan Quayle) may be chosen for comedic effect.

A high school named for the community where it is located (Sunnydale High) is often used to invoke a small-town or suburban setting and geographic names like Moperville North and Moperville South usually indicate that a cross-town rivalry is going to figure into the plot.

These are the most common sources of names for US high schools in the real world as well.

There's something about secondary education — the nature of teenagers, the nature of the adults that work with teenagers, parents' expectations that things will be just like when they were a kid — that lends itself to the accrual of strange national customs.

Every major country has its own, but as far as 90% of the entries on this wiki are concerned, only three countries' systems actually count — the US, the UK and Japan.

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