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The affidavit he has sworn further says that Mbogo was charged with the offence of defilement in 2009 at the Kibera courts and the matter ended up at the High Court, where he was cleared of the defilement charges.

He says that following his clearance to run for the Starehe seat, “the media in apparent cahoots with my opponents have indicated they are working on the story”.

Sabrinah Jamal got married to Mbogo in a Muslim ceremony in March 2016 after the politician converted to Islam. “Pending the hearing and determination of this application, an order of injunction be issued retraining the four media houses either in person or through an agent from serialising, covering or in any other manner reporting the proceedings, judgment or any other aspect touching on a Kibera chief magistrate criminal case and a Nairobi High Court criminal appeal,” the petition reads.

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Her bad audition actually prompted her to be very persistent as she kept ringing the producers trying to get them to cast her for different role, and her hard work paid off as she was eventually cast as Jane Harris or ‘Plain Jane Superbrain’. Jones’ character as Jane Harris actually had some of the most interesting storylines revolving around the young girl who goes through a major makeover, going from the geeky and intelligent one to pretty much a heartbreaker and all of that just to win the attention of Mike Young.It was its fairly mainstream storylines and likable characters that made it become such a sensation.In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars today started their professional career on the successful Australian show.He subsequently gained admission to UNISA Flying School training as a pilot and earning a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) certificates in 20 respectively.In the course of his Masters studies at UNISA, he received awards from the Association of Australian Professional Pilots, the Johnson Institute of Business Administration, and the Institute for the Study of World Business.

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