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Other than the 55-inch screen size and 4K 2160p resolution, this screen has With HDR, brights look brighter and darks look darker for a more natural look.

This video explains people who upgraded from 1080p to 4K often did not notice much difference, until HDR was introduced.

The points become available to use 30 days after an order's invoice date, and Newegg will send an email when credits are ready for use. According to DJI's website, the "Fly More Combo" adds propeller guards, a quick-release folding propeller, an extra battery & charger, shoulder bag, and a remote controller.

If you don't need any of that stuff, the drone sells for 9 by itself. Steam is having their semi-annual sale now through January 4. The Google Home Mini must be activated and setup by January 15.

Also, the Steam Link is on sale for about shipped, or with Controller for about shipped. If you want two Google Home Minis, this deal works twice per household.

You can have two discounts available to your Google Express account, but only one can apply per order.

Looking past the frustration of being the owner of an old i Phone, a new replacement battery for is actually a great deal worth doing.

Here's why: Every phone's battery will hold significantly less charge after 2 years, regardless of software on the phone.

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This is why people in some states are scrambling to pay property taxes early while they can still get full credit.

Here's what's happening: Effective January 1, 2018, if your state and local taxes total more than ,000 in the year, you will effectively be double-taxed on the amount paid above ,000 as if it were income rather than written-off as taxes paid.

Information is still emerging and unclear because details of the Republican tax plan only became public in the last week, leaving tax accountants short time to review and understand it.

Normally 0 to 0, and was on sale for 0 to 0 during Black Friday.

Here's a user review of the TV, and a professional review.

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