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So, in this test project at least, The Indy versions that came with Delphi 2009..

XE work, the version that came with XE5 and later doesn't.

I get the error "Could not load key, check password.

error:06065064:digital envelope routines: EVP_Decrypt Final_ex:bad decrypt" whenever I try to start the server.

So I am guessing that there is something peculiar about your particular environment that is causing conflicts.

I'm using a demo ssl project for Indy10 which I found on the internet and which works "out of the box" with Delphi XE and the version of Indy that came with Delphi XE. However, the Open SSL DLL's which are contained in this project are very old and even lack version numbering so I don't know if it's one of the vulnerable versions or not.

Please note that I didn't modify the demo application itself in any way.

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