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The teacher and her pupil had collaborated on the play — the Art Of Comedy, by the Italian writer Eduardo De Filippo — every Friday night for months at the school, adapting it for all the students who wanted parts.Working together late at night after school, 16-year-old Emmanuel Macron and 39-year-old Brigitte Auziere first felt the embers of love emerge between them.It was only when the play was finally staged, in front of proud parents and family, that a glimpse emerged of what was the start of a love affair between Emmanuel and Brigitte.For, as the audience clapped before the curtain came down, Emmanuel took a bow and kissed the watching Madame Auziere on each cheek as she smiled with obvious delight.Then I always lose because I can never raise the roof with a straight face. Have each team send a representative to the front of the room. The first team representative to ding a bell (or, if your students are like mine and have broken three of your bells, a Post-It note that one student can be in charge of making go “ERRRR!!” when buzzed) gets to answer the question for their team for three points.a special ball of trash) across the room into a trash can for an additional two points.I make the question worth more than the trash so that nobody gets harassed if they miss.

When I play, I make all my students answer the question (even if they’re not one of the two students in the showdown for a chair) and turn in their review at the end of class.Now, almost 24 years later, they're still together and in love They would work on the script late into the night.Neither had far to go home — the teacher to a house she shared nearby with her banker husband and children, while the pupil walked the short distance to his parents’ home in an affluent part of Amiens.One teacher beaming with admiration that night was a glamorous 39-year-old called Brigitte Auziere.Married with three children, she taught at Lycee La Providence, 90 miles north of Paris, where pupils can expect the finest pastoral care.

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