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So that numbers like that would be impossible.""I just thought there was a minimum number of people floating around on Steam, and if you did a reasonably good job on a game you were gonna get a reasonably big audience to it," Morris added. The so called Indie Apocalypse has been a thing for quite a while, but I've always thought to myself that not every game does really well...I didn't realise quite the extent of [it]."Scanner Sombre did make it into the top ten games on Steam on its first day, which suggests a relatively low bar for games to appear to be successful on Valve's platform.[] LEAD RENDERING ENGINEER We are looking for a veteran Rendering Engineer to help bring our stylized game to life.You will be working in close collaboration with concept artists, the Art Director, and other engineers to push Unreal Engine 4 towards your combined vision.[] Game Code Engineer We’re looking for Engineers to join our Game Code engineering team.

You Tuber Prestige Is Key (who has over 1.1m subscribers) says his videos have been demonetised due to 'depictions of war'.

"People will mock us and say, 'You've got Prison Architect.

You should have done Airport Architect, you should have done Parkitecht,'" Morris said.

Both Morris and Delay expressed doubt that it would achieve that goal."If we were hard-nosed businessmen we wouldn't be working in the games industry," Morris said.

"That's the other reason it's a fallacy to think we should make a follow up game to [Prison Architect].

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