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It develops an intense dislike of Ash's Pikachu, so Team Rocket targets it.

Jessie, after losing her usual luck with throwing regular Poké Balls, uses James' Luxury Ball to catch it.

Received as a Christmas present, Koffing was James' first Pokémon in the series.

Much like its fellow teammate, Ekans, it was not a very good battler, even after evolving.

Seviper was beaten mercilessly by Jessie and captured after biting her hair.

This would be the first in a long line of humiliations for the snake Pokémon, who would serve as Jessie's main fighting Pokémon through the AG and DP series.

It was very sheltered by James, only allowed to come out to cheer on and heal Team Rocket, but it didn't seem to mind.

It retired to stay with old caretakers of a summer home after getting a fever.

Received as a birthday gift, Ekans was Jessie's first Pokémon within the series.

Jessie caught Lickitung after a combination of eating some food meant for Giovanni and paralyzing Arbok led to a Poké Ball to the head.

After a promising debut against Misty in the Princess Festival in the same episode, it faded into obscurity and was eventually traded by accident for Wobbuffet.

Dustox would go on to be her main contest Pokémon until her eventual release in Sinnoh.

Yanma was one of Team Rocket's first successful thefts in forever! Too bad Giovanni thought she was useless and sent her back.

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