Intimidating shout macro target

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He was in charge of the estate's two hundred man security force, and fully aware of his boss' vision for the future of his planet.

Whether the end result would be the perfect world his boss envisioned he couldn't say, but Van der Meer liked what he saw so far.

Employees and household staff members came into view, moving up and down the hall and in and out of the many doors that punctuated its length. The big hallway was the architectural spine of the main house.

Almost all the rooms in the sprawling building ran off of it at one point or another.

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PROLOGUE He toyed with the food in front of him, then pushed the plate away. Hadn't been, actually, for weeks, and could hardly sleep, but he'd managed to keep it a secret. He was in better shape now than he'd been at twenty-five. The dream of a new world - no, make that a different world.In each alcove they'd see usually one but sometimes two life- or larger-than-life-size nude sculptures done in the Realist style.The statues were the greasy white of real marble, gleaming dully in the light.When they were uncooperative she demanded they call the main house.They'd already hit the silent alarm." He smiled, and not prettily.

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