Intp esfp dating intimidating movie lines

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Ever since Keirsey, an INTP himself, published Please Understand Me II in 1998, it has generally been accepted that the Idealists are the best partners for the Rationals.This appears to be true--at least from the Rational point of view.But in fact, Rational-Idealist pairings have an even higher satisfaction rate, namely 65%.

Perhaps this is merely a coincidence, but it seems worth further investigation.

Nor do INTPs themselves seem satisfied; another study found that INTPs have the fourth lowest satisfaction with their marriage/intimate relationship. (This isn't as bad as it sounds though; Intuitives were generally less satisfied than Sensors, and INTPs were quite close to the midrange values for Intuitive satisfaction.

However, INTPs were the least satisfied of the Rationals.

Note also that some NFs were far less satisfied.) According to Marioles et al.'s study, in only about 1/3 of INTP marriages were both partners satisfied.

Also, INTP males were the type/gender combination most likely to be satisfied with their marriage while having a partner who is dissatisfied (this phenomenon did not hold true for INTP females).

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