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So it was no surprise that Ricki-Lee Coulter nailed her rendition of Advance Australia Fair at the NRL Grand Final in Sydney on Sunday.

At the bare minimum, tens of thousands of Texas residents have lost their homes, at least 39 have died, and early estimates suggest the damage costs could climb to billion.

I don't believe Hurricane Harvey is God's punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor.

7 general election and has offered Grossman advice, too. Geoffrey Moulton Jr., bless his heart, was attending Pride in the Park, the Lehigh Valley’s annual LGBT festival.

Krasner called Castille “a highly intelligent man who has a lot of insight” and said they agreed “on the importance of restoring faith in the integrity of the office.” Grossman said Castille has been emailing her advice about the office since January. And then a sitting judge on the campaign trail gets photobombed by a couple o’ dildos and puts everything in perspective. His campaign staff snapped some photos of him calling out bingo numbers to benefit FACT, an organization that fights AIDS and supports affected residents. Except – pay attention here, amateur photographers – no one noticed the upright dildos positioned directly in front of Moulton. “They’re pretty sizable,” said a source who tipped us off to the dildos, which some HIV-prevention groups use to instruct on condom use. “I’d usually burn down the internet to get rid of a photo like this, and we are going to replace it, but as a level-headed jurist, he didn’t mind the ‘props’ at all,” said Joe Corrigan, spokesman for Moulton’s campaign. Wolf appointed to Superior Court in August 2016, is running for his first full term in November.

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