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The worst potential usability problems come when the date is written only with numbers as in the following example, because the date's interpretation will be different from one country to another. Note that this format can also be used to represent precise date and time, with timezone information Using numerical dates does have also some pitfalls with regard to readability and usability, as explained in the Date formats The W3C QA Tips are short documents explaining useful bits of knowledge for Web developers or designers, hosted and produced by the Quality Assurance Interest Group at W3C.While the tips are carefully reviewed by the participants of the group, they should not be seen as anything else than informative bits of wisdom, and especially, they are not normative W3C technical specifications.Week 52 is from Monday December 25, 2017 until (and including) Sunday December 31, 2017.Week number according to the ISO-8601 standard, weeks starting on Monday.

INSTANCE)); printf("%s%n", String String("10/29/2539 B.

This section shows you how to convert between an ISO-based date and a date in one of the other predefined chronologies.

You can convert an ISO-based date to a date in another chronology by using the Local Date Time date = Local Date Time.of(2013, Month.

JULY, 20, 19, 30); Japanese Date jdate = Japanese Date.from(date); Hijrah Date hdate = Hijrah Date.from(date); Minguo Date mdate = Minguo Date.from(date); Thai Buddhist Date tdate = Thai Buddhist Date.from(date); /** * Converts a Local Date (ISO) value to a Chrono Local Date date * using the provided Chronology, and then formats the * Chrono Local Date to a String using a Date Time Formatter with a * SHORT pattern based on the Chronology and the current Locale. */ public static String to String(Local Date local Date, Chronology chrono) Local Date date = Local Date.of(1996, Month.

* * @param local Date - the ISO date to convert and format. OCTOBER, 29); printf("%s%n", String String(date, Japanese Chronology.

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