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The six were expected to leave jails near Madrid later in the day.Meanwhile, Catalan ex-president Carles Puigdemont and four of his separatist allies heard that they will be judged on whether they can be extradited from Belgium to Spain on 14 December, exactly one week before the election.I wouldn't do that.' Mr Harron has spent over £32,000 in expenses and legal fees trying to resolve the matter.A spokesman for the prosecution service in Dubai confirmed the sentencing saying: 'On the drinking charge, he has been sentenced to a month in jail, fined 2,000 dirhams (£412) and will be deported.'His next appearance on the public indecency case is on October 22.'It is unclear whether Mr Harron is currently behind bars.The man, his friends and the police were all speaking in Arabic, the accuser occasionally shouting in English, 'He's been drinking, and he touched me improperly, I will get you deported, do you know who I am?.'The police asked Mr Harron to apologise which he 'gladly did'."We also highlighted the danger for the impediment of their human rights in Spain," he said.

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After days in Al Barsha prison, where he was not allowed to wash himself or brush his teeth, prosecutors told Mr Harron he was charged with drinking alcohol and 'public indecency.' When he was released to stay with friends his passport was seized by police.The referendum was declared illegal by Spain's constitutional court in Madrid and national police used force to try and stop it, including the confiscation of ballot boxes and documented physical attacks on people going to vote and protesting.The Madrid central government then removed Catalonia's regional autonomy, imposed direct rule, and called new elections.Although he admits drinking alcohol, Mr Harron denies allegations of public indecency and making a rude gesture at the Mr Tabaza, who tonight claimed he was repeatedly touched on the thigh by the electrician.His lawyers are appealing the sentence, which he claims he and his legal team were not even made aware of.

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