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(5)You can also cut your eye at somebody in a friendly way. (16)Other English speakers may hear this word and wonder why theyre being told to shut up but for Jamaicans, hush is an expression of empathy and/or sympathy.The word is useful in many different situations such as comforting someone who is sick or grieving, or empathizing with someone facing a problem at work.(5)verb (cotch up), to support something else, as with a forked stick; to balance something or place it temporarily; to beg someone a cotch, can be a place on a crowded bus seat or bench; or it may mean to cotch a while, to stay somewhere temporarily. Some higglers, however, do not make trips out of the country to buy goods, but sell the goods that others import.

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This term is most often employed in clashes, on dub plates built for clashes, and so on.It's a blunt way of warning someone off temptation.(22) "cock mouth kill cock" really can't be expanded upon any further, nor can the similar "If a fish coulda keep him mout' shut, him would neva get caught".A truly comic image if you've ever been to the zoo, and comforting to any of us whose backs have been used as a stepping-stone for someone else's success.(22) "A city upon the hill cannot be hidden." same as above (29) "A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows every corner".

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