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The refrigerated (chilled) broccoli was stored in a climatic chamber to simulate refrigerator temperatures.This compound is actually produced when the vegetable is damaged by either chewing, addition of liquid or processing.There’s is evidence of possible benefits for the treatment of osteoarthritis, certain cancers, respiratory illnesses and skin and blood disorders.The nutrient reduction is actually similar to what was measured in steamed broccoli (details further down) – even though that broccoli was steamed for a longer amount of time. In the present research, microwave cooking determined a 39% reduction of sulforaphane in broccoli, similarly to what reported by Howard and others (1997) in an analogous study.In the past, when sharing results from this study, for myself and others, the focus has always been on how pressure cooking shines compared to conventional cooking methods – but the real untold story, here, is how microwaveable pressure cookers perform. Pressure cooking determined a 16.8% reduction of sulforaphane, while pressure combined with microwave cooking did not cause any deleterious effect (P So, even though the pressure cooker beats steaming, boiling and microwaving in nutrient retention – the real shocker is that using a microwave pressure cooker the researchers saw a previously unheard-of retention of Vitamin C and Sulforaphane compared to fresh broccoli. If you have a microwaveable pressure cooker, you can make hip recipes, too.

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